Copic Markers

I was first introduced to Copic brand markers in 2006 while visiting the Blick art store in Chicago and soon fell in love. Though I've enjoyed drawing and painting all my life, I had never really used markers beyond grade school art class. They just didn't strike me as a medium that I could take seriously.

As I read about the Copic Sketch Markers and saw what they were capable of, I became intrigued and purchased a few to play with.

It's hard to describe exactly what it's like to use them. It's a lot like painting with watercolor in a much more controlled manner, which works well for the illustration style I use. The blending capabilities of the alcohol-based ink is amazing and only gets better when you use the colorless blender marker. No matter what colors you use it to blend, the color doesn't bleed on to the blender. It stays clean and ready for the next task.

I've really only begun to experiment now that I have a few dozen markers. I plan to continue working with them and formulating my own technique for using them effectively. I'll expand this site as I get more accomplished and have more to say and to show.

I'll say that they ARE expensive little things, but well worth their cost if you plan to use them much. They are also refillable and the nibs are replaceable, so they are definitely meant to last.

- Augiewan

Copic Sketch Markers
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